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At Above, we're all about working closely together - with each other and with our clients. We really care about what we do, and that passion leads to long-term partnerships where we work on multiple projects.

We believe that by fostering strong relationships both externally and internally, we can continue to grow and thrive as a team. Our collaborative approach allows us to leverage everyone's strengths, share knowledge, and tackle even the most complex challenges together.

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Özgur Sel Stockholm

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Claes Lundin +46 708 960 116 Stockholm

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Above is a place for growth, creativity, and hard work - a space where we balance fun and ambition.

We are a smörgåsbord of nationalities, competencies, and backgrounds — all dedicated to the cause of progress with purpose. Designers and engineers are brought together in collision-rich, diverse environments where everyone is empowered to challenge the status quo.