A view from Above

What makes us tick

As we navigate, design and innovate for the multi-faceted complexities of our world, a core set of values and principles underpin every action we take.

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    Creativity by Diversity

    Creativity thrives in a diverse, safe, and respectful climate, where every voice matters. We trust in the power of different, the strength of equal, and the impact of collaboration beyond borders.

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    Stewards of Good

    We craft optimistic, sustainable, and enjoyable futures for our clients and our community, with sustainable practices and circular solutions always top of mind. In this quest, we transform challenges into opportunities, striving to leave a lasting, positive imprint on the world that resonates for generations to come.

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    Explore by Prototyping

    We prototype experiences. We strive to bring ideas to life quickly and create workflows and tools that allow us to explore an area and iterate quickly. Our studios and digital toolboxes are playgrounds for continuous prototyping, experimentation, and testing.

    Our concepts are grounded in deep technical expertise — to rewild our imagination by exploring the technologies we work with in a playful way.

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    Driven by Insights

    Eventually, our work ends up in the hands and homes of people around the world. We use exploratory and evaluative research to better understand these contexts and interactions — to be informed of how and why people use what we design.

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    Material Science and Innovation

    We foresee material science as the next big frontier in developing superior products that benefit people, the planet, and businesses alike. Our data-driven approach to material innovation empowers us to create novel sustainable material experiences, elevating the importance of materials to its deserved prominence.

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    Iconic by Design

    Our award-winning work is born from teams united by a bold, clear vision. We reshape paradigms, crafting unforgettable experiences that redefine the design landscape with unmatched legacy and impact.

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    Making Things Real

    We draw on years of experience and expertise in manufacturing and sourcing, to make products stand the test of time. Every single product you use and hold in your hand has been detailed down to tenths of millimeters, with manufacturing and assembly processes in mind — guaranteeing that everything envisioned comes true when the final product arrives.

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    All the Way

    From vision to launch, our tight-knit team of strategists, designers, and engineers offers a comprehensive, full-stack approach to product development. With a unique blend of skill sets, we encompass every facet of the process delivering more than just products, we bring innovations to life, set to disrupt markets and captivate audiences.

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    We weave narratives, from compelling videos to visionary artifacts, that breathe life into experiences. Throughout our design process, we harness the power of storytelling, exploring scenarios, shaping flows, and eliciting emotions at the earliest stages. In turn, we capture our explorations and concepts in formats that inspire, engage, and truly resonate with our audience.

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    We trust in deep integration and collaboration with our clients, bridging time zones and teams in agile ways. Our flexibility paired with our engaging approach, creates a working environment that is not only productive but we're told we're loads of fun to work with.