Trabec + Octal

Innovation in head protection


Having established themselves in the winter sports arena, POC was quick to identify new opportunities. And with a solid growth strategy, they took their brand potential and product know-how into new fields. Back then, and still today, helmets are sold with promises of massive amounts of ventilation and dynamic, futuristic looks. In contrast, with their Scandinavian heritage, POC has always been about simplicity and purity, premium functionality, and robust design. This collision between worlds was where Above came in. Above was asked to take the best of both worlds, and create a design that met all the needs of an avid cyclist, while staying true to the POC brand. We crafted a simple and iconic product for the bike category, one that clearly diverges from the conventional, cluttered look of other bike accessories.


A powerful legacy

The Trabec helmet quickly became a favourite in the bike community, opening the door for POC to the MTB scene and paving the road for a powerful portfolio and unique design DNA.

Fantastic sales volumes and massive media and press coverage make the POC Trabec one of our most successful collaborations – demonstrating the power of disruptive, innovative product development.

Our collaboration through the years have helped establish POC and their brand in the utmost frontier of design and technology, driving paradigm shifts in a range of domains.


From Snow to Bike, the strategic portfolio expansion into new categories continued. Having won the hearts of the downhill and MTB community, it was time to disrupt the world of road-biking. Entering this market, POC created a hero product line of outstanding light-weight apparel and with it a new iconic helmet, Octal. Again it was time to challenge the known in terms of ventilation, design, and performance, and to define how the POC brand and design ethos could position itself in this new category.


POC is a Swedish company that develops and markets personal protective gear for gravity sports athletes and cyclists. Their mission is to help save lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists, by developing and renewing what personal protection is all about. Their product portfolio includes helmets, eyewear, apparel, and accessories for skiing, snowboarding, and cycling.


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Eurobike 2012 The Grand award of design 2012 Red Dot Design Award 2011