Home Security

Elevated home monitoring


Full insight into the home with zero invasion of privacy.

While traditional home monitoring depends on intrusive cameras, it's often at the expense of personal privacy, especially in short-term rentals. Minut champions holistic home monitoring by sensing noise, occupancy, temperature, and humidity, indoors and outdoors, securing homes without violating privacy, propositions buidling deep partnerships with as well Airbnb as insurance companies and property management system providers. All to create a elevated guest experience with integrity while ensuring and protecting your home. We collaborated with Minut to create a new visual expression that reflects this fresh take on home monitoring. A design that integrates better with home interiors and offers an elegant, non-invasive solution.

“Consider the sleek, attractive Minut, if you don’t want a camera with a microphone inside your house.”

Wired Magazine


A fresh new visual expression that feels closer to home.

Industrial Design

Stacking of soft shapes helps the product look thinner, breaks up geometry and helps elevate the device as an interior element. Representing the sensor window honestly builds on Minut’s mission of transparency.

Color, Material & Finish

In line with Minut’s Scandinavian roots, and mission to integrate seamlessly in the home, we opted for muted colours that allow the material to shine through, and blend with most home colour palettes.

Use & Context

Easy installation, just about anywhere.

Most home alarm systems require multiple sensors on doors and windows, extra cabling and a cumbersome installation process. Minut is intentionally designed to be rental-friendly, enabling both permanent and temporary installations and mounting in any orientation. Truly allowing for use in any context - on a wall, ceiling, cabinet, indoors and outdoors.

indoor placement on walls


Minut's mission: Help rental hosts be better neighbors.


Minut is a Swedish Tech company, with a mission to help rental hosts be better neighbours. Founded in Malmö, Minut is a startup that found its roots through Kickstarter raising $238k in the first 30 days. Today they are 35 technologists, engineers, inventors and social scientists, from eight nationalities, working across Sweden, the UK and the US.


Industrial Design