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Pro tools for everyday life


Bringing the performance and utility of professional tools to your everyday life at home – in the most affordable way

We partnered with IKEA in designing a full range of tools and power-tools for the many people. A range of products that balance performance and ergonomics with affordability and ease of use. Our collaboration with IKEA pushed the boundaries of what’s been done before at this price point, not compromising on usability or quality. The range of tools is designed to fit your home as much as your wallet.


Crafting brilliance on a budget. The challenge of delivering pro tools excellence.

We were given the challenge of designing a line of hand tools and power tools that would both offer great performance as well as being approachable and easy to use by the many people. We recognised that cost is a significant factor for many consumers, and we aimed to create tools that meet the needs of those who value affordability and functionality. We acknowledged that a lot of existing tools in the market were lacking in ergonomics, weight and balance, causing fatigue and discomfort for those who frequently use them. Our challenge was to create tools that would allow people to tackle any job with ease and comfort, without compromising on top-notch performance.

Revolutionizing affordability and DIY mastery, enhancing utility for all.


Precision tools with Swedish heritage, designed as extensions of your hand.

The result of our efforts is a range of hand tools and power tools that are both efficient and comfortable to use. The tools are designed to reduce hand fatigue, with comfortable grips that fit a variety of hand sizes and shapes and the tools also provide a variety of grips available for different tasks whether the user need a firm grip for tough jobs or a softer grip for delicate work.


The design language suggest a confident and clean icon, recognizably Scandinavian in both form and function. The silhouette, ergonomic detailing and CMF are both trustworthy and playful, balancing utility with approachability. These tools should feel safe and easy to use for the majority of people.

Formed for your hand, ergonomics in every curve

We began by carefully analyzing the needs and preferences of potential users. Through extensive research, including user feedback and testing, we identified key areas for improvement in the design of hand and power tools. To ensure maximum efficiency and comfort, we focused on factors such as balance, grip comfort, weight, and durability, and incorporated them into the design. We also designed for affordability from the start, ensuring the lowest possible cost without compromising on usabilty or performance.. These tools are designed to provide comfort and ease of use, even during extended periods, meeting the needs for every aspiring DIY enthusiast or professional alike.


IKEA is a global leader in home furnishings, offers functional and stylish solutions for every space. With a commitment to affordability, sustainability, and innovation, IKEA strives to enhance daily living for people around the world.


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