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Together with EarLabs, we're mastering sound control, letting people enjoy what they love distraction-free.

EarLabs' origin traces back to 2011 when Christian Dittrich, a dedicated surfer and co-inventor, suffered a severe ear infection in Morocco, leaving him deaf in one ear for nearly a week. Given the prevalence and persistence of such infections among surfers, Christian collaborated with Above to design SurfEars — ear protection that allows sound while blocking water. Since its debut, SurfEars has shielded thousands of surfers' ears, enhancing their time on the waves, and earning acclaim from swimming champions and surfing legends.


Material innovation — A game changer for surfers and swimmers

Combining innovative mechanical engineering with the patented acoustic filter resulted in dBud, a purely analog product boasting a signature volume slider. This straightforward but distinct solution guards ears in noisy settings, suitable for professionals, enthusiasts, and daily use.

The EarLabs story is, in fact, an engineering story. A story of a decade-long collaboration and continuous, long-term product innovation.

Surfears 2.0


User experience

Through physical and digital UX, intelligent engineering and design become tangible.

Above crafted a companion app that offers users optimal control, immersing themselves in the present sound experience.

Employing a "What you see is what you get" methodology combined with a flat information architecture, users can instantly discern their current mode and set level. Adjustments are made through direct and straightforward gestures. While technical acoustic modes like "Noise Cancelling" or "Hear-through" exist, they're matched with relatable language and use cases.

This not only aids users in making informed choices regarding their hearing mode but, more critically, equips them with the knowledge to comprehend their sound surroundings and pursue mindfulness via healthy hearing.

For the adventurer

Be able to safely and fully commit to your passions.

For the professional

Be safe while exposed to high levels of noise.

For the mindful

Be able to mute your surroundings and find focus in a noisy world.

For the sound-sensitive

Be able to eliminate distractions or amplify surrounding sounds and conversations.

Earlabs logo grid proportions and color palette swatches


EarLabs, originating from Above Agency's core team, launched its first product, SurfEars, in 2013. Today, with global ambassadors, it has sold hundreds of thousands of earplugs in 40+ countries. The SurfEars lineup expanded to include SurfEars 2.0, SwimEars, Junior, and dBuds. Above has been instrumental in product design and development, branding, and working hand-in-hand with the EarLabs team.


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